...And the point is, to live everything
Live the questions now.
Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it
Live along some distant day into the answer.

- Rainer Maria Rilke



Is the Whole Spirit Nutrition approach only beneficial with energy work sessions?
No, the approach concentrates on the whole person, and is multidimensional in shifting long-standing patterns with food and how we treat ourselves. The energy work portion is an added tailwind behind the change of focus and intention each client undertakes. Being open to energy work is important; clients who don’t feel drawn to do this modality are just fine to leave it alone.
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I feel uncomfortable/ashamed discussing my eating habits; can I avoid the details of these topics?
To a certain degree, you can; at least until you feel comfortable to speak them out. Some clients like to lay everything out at their first visit, and some do not. Sally’s approach focuses on the whole person and isn’t intensely focused on taking a fully-detailed food history and scrutinizing food intake. Details of a client’s history with food do come out over time, however Whole Spirit Nutrition was established to provide a safe and comfortable place to delve into why clients turn to food as a source of comfort, control, distraction, etc.
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Will you give me a food plan to follow?
No food plans are given. Food plans essentially keep us stuck in not moving forward, not trusting ourselves with food. Looking to the "expert" to follow reinforces the diet mentality. Sally spends as much time as the client is comfortable with discussing strategies around meal planning and preparation, tips for healthy eating, nutrition information, etc. If a client has a history of anorexia, more concrete guidelines are given until s/he starts to break the cycle of deprivation.
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Have you worked with clients with diagnosed eating disorders?
Yes. Sally has worked successfully with clients diagnosed with bulimia, anorexia nervosa and compulsive eating. As with all clients, she strongly encourages energy work as part of the overall work that is undertaken, if the client feels open to it as a source of healing and moving on.
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Do clients come for follow up? If so, how often?
Most clients return for follow-up, stating that they feel hopeful. Sally encourages each client to consult their intuition as to what period of follow-up feels best, especially if energy work is part of their sessions. She has witnessed that clients (counseling only and counseling/energy work) who come a little more frequently at first tend to feel more power of momentum/change.
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Do you see clients for energy work who have no history of food issues?
Absolutely! Energy work is an amazingly transformative modality for anyone, whether life feels especially challenging, or just a deeper feeling that a shift is needed. Some clients seek out energy work when they are feeling at a crossroads or that they aren’t living fully to their potential.
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Is energy work billable to insurance?
At this time, unfortunately, health insurance carriers do not reimburse for energy work, however, Reiki is being utilized more and more in conventional medical settings. For clients who request it, an invoice is given for the Medical Nutrition Therapy portion session, exclusive of the time spent dedicated to energy work.
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I have had Reiki before, is The Awakening Work pretty much the same thing?
Of course, every person’s experience on the table is different, depending on the practitioner, and where the client is in their life, ability to receive, heal, etc. Each experience receiving energy work is not the same as the one before... From Sally’s perspective, as practitioner and recipient, The Awakening Work feels like a more powerful and transformative modality of energy work than she has found Reiki to be. It is the type of energy work that resonates best with her. Clients are best served to be open to transformation and all that is possible! - not to compare modalities.
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How much will I change after one energy work session?
It is impossible to determine this. The work each client receives on the table is what they are needing on a deeper, spiritual level. The way to attain the best outcome possible is to relax and allow for the clearing and healing to occur. Expectations only hinder the flow of energy.
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How should I expect to feel after energy work?
There is no way to anticipate how you will feel in the 1-3 days following your session. Clients tend to feel very relaxed and possibly a bit "spacey" just after their time on the table. Sally encourages her clients to have some down-time or time to themselves immediately after their session. Energy work is powerful and works on levels of our being that most of us are not accustomed to tuning into. It is important to honor this; therefore Sally encourages her clients to take very good care of themselves, especially in the 3 days following an energywork session:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Rest if you feel your body needs it (even if not on the ‘schedule’)
  • Avoid heavy/fried foods and eat what makes your body feel good
  • Avoid alcohol if you drink

Try to schedule your appointment to be able to follow through on these recommendations.
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