Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.

- Joseph Campbell



My journey with Sally began with in-person sessions in Seattle.  A few months later I moved to Holland not really sure how my healing path would continue.  To my delight Sally started to offer distance energy sessions.  The 11 hour time zone difference makes the session possible around bedtime for me.  This has allowed the energy to continue working into my sleeping hours.  When I wake up I feel like a whole new person with tremendous insights on the intentions set at the beginning of the session.  Listening to her voicemail of impressions in the morning helps to affirm the healing process on so many levels.  This set up has worked out far beyond my expectations. Sally's gentle approach, sharp intuition, and graceful delivery has helped me rediscover my inner compass and Divine connection. 

- N E.

Sally, I wanted to let you know that I thought last night's session via long-distance was great! I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't feel the same as if we were in the same room but it was perfect! 

- A.M.

Sally’s gift is in clarifying the cycle of your thoughts, actions, and energy. What makes her exceptional is her own energy and supremely compassionate approach. I leave each session with a greater sense of clarity and peace that makes every day going forward easier. Sally is a true healer and, with every visit, I feel a little more complete, fulfilled, and capable of living a happy, satisfied life.

- T.S.

Sally is a compassionate guide who has helped me reawaken. She helped me peel away the layers and find myself again. It was good to be "back" and with a new frame of mind.

- S.M.

Thank you for the great session and follow-up voicemail yesterday! I felt a lot of clearing which you picked up on.  It was interesting how relaxed I was able to get and feel the same sort of depth to it, even though it is distance work.  That still takes me by surprise every time.

- V.J.

For the first time in my life, my thoughts have not been consumed with food or my physical being. My focus has shifted to being present, in the moment. I am learning how to better listen to my intuition and, more importantly, trust it. Sally has been my guiding light! I connected with her the moment we met and continue to benefit our discussions and energy work sessions.

- S.G.

Before I met Sally, food was a daily struggle for me. I was constantly thinking and obsessing about dieting and my weight. Through Sally’s guidance and energy work I have learned how to be present in my body and have been able to listen to what my body needs. I am so grateful to finally be at peace withmy body.

- S.P.

I have lived with bulemia for 30 years. I have seen psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, had individual, group and intensive outpatient therapy with no success. Finally I realized I was tired of bulemia’s influence over all aspects of my life. I wanted to be free of it. Sally’s coaching and energy work have brought positive changes and a new way of thinking that I never believed possible. I feel likeI am getting well.

- N.S.

Sally’s work is calming, nurturing and effective. I have noticed a palpable impact in my body and a change in my life since receiving her healing touch. I notice that I am more vital, more vibrant. I see that I am more open to love and positive change, and this has helped me heal relationships with others as well as helping me to heal myself.

- T.B.

I had seen Sally as a nutritionist for a while, and initially, I was shy about Reiki. It wasn’t until I had Reiki with her that I truly understood the depth of her practice. Sally understood that my eating disorder lived in my body. And with no judgment, she focused her energy inside (instead of on what I was eating).

- M.L.

Sally’s energy is peaceful and nurturing. She makes you feel very safe and relaxed. I was able to release a lot of pent up, negative energy; to allow myself to be open to a greater source of healing energy, inner peace and serenity. I had a revitalized outlook towards the world around me. I felt a natural radiance, more light and free.

- C.D.

The days following the energy work were extraordinary. There were other events that occurred the next few days that made me know that the energy work was not just a passing experience. It is strange how events unfold at just the right time and even stranger that what you discover about the universe is knowledge you already have. My spirit feels like it is at the forefront of my life, which is how it should be. I am really on a spiritual journey now. I know this. I am not moving at such a frantic pace in my head anymore. I’ve been trying to eat better and listen to my body. I cannot thank Sally enough for opening this door for me.

- A.D.

Sally heard me, heard me easily and reflected my own strength, my knowledge, back to me. I could literally feel the obnoxious loud confused voices in my head recede as who I know I am took a deep breath and filled me back up to the very edges of my skin. After our talks I could feel my self lifted up to solid ground. I can’t say enough about how lovely and affirming our talks were for me.

- E.H.

I have been fortunate to experience Sally’s work as both a nutritional counselor and energy medicine practitioner. The nutritional counseling aspect was so beneficial as she helped to bring insight into ways I had been perceiving food, eating and nutrition that was really an illusion brought about by a story I had been running for years. Her ability to be so very present, to listen compassionately, and reflect intuitively my personal needs helped me to get to the core of this story and transform it. She offered thoughtful, practical and simple tools that I could bring into my everyday life to shift the way I viewed eating and nourishing my body.

The energy work brought me an immediate sense of peace, and long term I believe it shifted a lifelong pattern I had around eating. Before seeing Sally I thought I was just wired differently than pretty much everyone else regarding eating and I was just stuck with this wiring. After our energy session, I saw major changes in my appetite, food planning and eating.

I felt well cared for in my sessions with Sally. She honors the individual journey that each client is on without an agenda and with the most pure of intentions. I know this not only from my personal experience with her but because I have referred many of my clients to her and they have all come back with the highest regard for her.

Sally is very thoughtful in her work, caring, and kind. It is obvious that she loves what she does and she has the wonderful ability to really connect with folks from diverse demographics. She is a beautiful soul that anyone would benefit from knowing and having on their healing team.

- K.D.

Many of Sally’s wonderful attributes revolve around her gifted abilities to nurture and heal. We have worked together for almost a year in the 2 hour counseling/energy session format. I am experiencing an incredible transformation that reaches beyond my original goal of weight-loss.

Each session she exudes authentic compassion for my well-being. Her approach is fresh, hip, and enthusiastic. During the counseling portion of our session we discuss everything from stresses and joys in my life, to my food cravings and habits. Sally has helped me be more aware and present around food and situations that lead me to eat emotionally. Her guidance has helped me to better listen to my body and ask myself "How hungry am I?" I think more rationally and can plan my meals when I am only slightly hungry, rather than leaving meal planning until I am ravenous and must stop at the nearest drive-thru to order the large size meal.

Sally is very knowledgeable about nutrition, though one should not expect a boring lecture about that burger’s saturated fat and the affects on your arteries. Use her years of experience in nutrition as a great resource in combination with her counseling and energy healing to eat, think, feel, and be healthy.

Sally has helped me learn to appreciate and trust myself. There are no "shoulds" or regimens in our work together. I am working from the inside out. Exercise and healthy foods are not transforming me. Being present and kind to myself allows me to make exciting choices, which just so happen to have health benefits, thereby causing me to gradually shift and awaken from my "food coma" of the last several years.

The last hour of our session is spent with Sally clearing and aligning energy through my body. It is luxurious. I always awake in a deep state of calm and peace. The energy work is an integral part to regaining my health. It weaves mind, body, and spirit together into one, allowing me to be more self-aware, expend more energy in a healthy manner, deflect stress, and remain clear and focused on making good choices.

You have nothing to lose by seeing Sally but old habits and perhaps a few pounds or more.

- J.F.

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